About the Yust Gallery

The Yust Gallery features contemporary artwork from local national and internationally renowned artists, carefully selected to compliment each other and provide residents of Cincinnati, Ohio a spectacular glimpse into the world of contemporary and expressionist art.

The Yust Gallery is a 3,500 square foot contemporary building in the heart of Cincinnati's art district (Columbia Tusculum.) With modern housing developments, trendy restaurants, affluent communities and a budding local business environment, Columbia Tusculum has become the perfect locale for contemporary designers and art aficionados to gather.

The building was completed in 2010, originally split between Nicholas Yust's personal art studio and his adjoining private "by appointment only" showroom/gallery. As demand increased for both Nicholas's work and that of his other featured artists, the gallery grew to overtake the entire building and officially opened to the public as the 'Yust Gallery' in 2015.

With clean white walls, an open layout, huge windows with brilliant natural lighting, and of course professional overhead gallery lighting, every angle of every wall in the gallery is an absolute marvel to behold.

Keep an eye on the Yust Gallery Events Page for upcoming open houses and parties, or stop in any time during public visiting hours to soak it in and enjoy the masterful work on display.