Featured Artists


Alex Benitez Art

Alex Benitez (b. 1969 in New York City) Since he was young, frequent family trips opened doors to museums around the world, an experience that stimulated his love for art and later in life allowed his work to be influenced by artists like Picasso, Basquiat, Miro, Pollock and Peter Max.

Alex holds a BA with a major in Fine Arts and a minor in Marketing. He spent 15 years working in marketing for several multi-national consumer product companies, before dedicating himself to his true passion - Art. His style is best described as a mix of neo-pop and figurative abstraction, whose intense brushstrokes and vivid colors give shape to whimsical faces and figures. He gives life to his paintings at his studio in Baltimore.

His work is sold in galleries in Miami, New York, Baltimore, San Juan, Key West and has one of his paintings featured in the permanent collection of the Taubman Museum at Virginia Tech. He has participated in over 30 solo and group shows including Art Expo in New York, Artscape in Baltimore and Art Basel in Miami.

“My learning process has been an incredible journey. It’s about having fun and transmitting your feelings and positive energy. Would you believe that some ideas for my paintings come to me in my dreams? Go figure…”


Greg Matsey Art

The Yust Gallery is thrilled to feature several stunning pointillism paintingsby local artist Greg Matsey. His work is absolutely brilliant, resulting in colorful interpretations of creative scenes, skylines and subjects. Greg Matsey grew up in St. Leon, Indiana with a passion for art and design. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from Antonelli College in Cincinnati, Ohio with a Commercial Art degree.

Today he lives in Bridgetown, Ohio with his wife and their three children. His day job consists of developing marketing campaigns and maintaining brand standards as Creative Director for Architectural Group International in Covington, Kentucky.

In his spare time, Greg develops websites and graphics through his freelance company, Matsey Designs – along with painting local scenes, sports themes, pets and a variety of other subjects.


Mark Serrianne Assemblage Art

The incredible work of Cincinnati artist Mark Serrianne can be referred to as ‘Assemblage Sculptural Art.’ His work consists of hand selected vintage artifacts that are assembled to create a modern eclectic sculptural design. Each composition conveys a unique message or personal story.

"A career in advertising and a love for great design; primitive antiques and unusual found objects have all converged to form my creation of assemblages. Some pieces convey a message, some an outgrowth of a personal story, and others are simply compositions that just look and feel right.

Each one has been put through the torture test of long long stares."


Nicholas Yust Metal Art

I first explored my passion for art after completing high school, enrolling in fine art and art history at the university of Cincinnati school of design art architecture and planning. For two years, I focused on abstract oil pastels and interior architecture, after which I transferred to Wright State University to study engineering and pursue my technical interests. During my time there, I interned and worked for the United States Air Force at Wright Patterson AFB, researching superconductivity and thin film coated conductors, and graduated with a B.S. in materials engineering and an M.S. in metallurgical engineering.

After developing my first few wall sculptures from aluminum panels, I began to design free standing sculptures and developed over a dozen unique grind patterns which have become signature characteristics of my work. To add color to my pieces, I experimented with transparent coating to allow my unique grind patterns to be seen through a spectrum of colors. This evolved into the invention of an atomized acrylic painting process for metal, and I remain the only metal artist in the industry with this capability.

I have had much success selling my artwork in local, national and international galleries. I have also displayed and sold my work at several juried fine art shows and craft expos, as well as with personal collectors in over 40 countries around the globe.


Allan Rodewald Artist

Allan Rodewald pursues abstract art to escape the limits of the real world through his self expression and exploration. As a youth, Allan studied in rural southeast Michigan where he began private art lessons at the age of seven. Allan earned his BFA in drawing and painting at Siena Heights University and has studied art in Florence, Rome and Venice Italy.

In 1987 Allan created Expressive Design, Inc., an art based company featuring specialized art projects for residential and commercial clients globally. The completion of his studio in 2001 has led Allan further into his beloved art work and abstract painting. Allan’s art works are featured in collections nationally as well as internationally.


Amy Lighthall Artist

Amy Lighthall is a designer and artist from the Pacific Northwest. Amy has always loved the arts and self-expression, and she draws her inspiration from her travels, mid-century design, and from all her daily surroundings. She enjoys creating art daily in her home studio. Most of Amy’s work is created in layers with varying degrees of textures, color and contrast. She uses a combination of both painted layers as well as digital layers in her work to create unique and inspiring designs. Her wall art can be found in homes and hotels around the world.


Celeste Reiter Artist

Celeste Reiter is a contemporary painter specializing in vibrant canvases with unique color combinations that catch the eye and enliven the soul. Her paints bring a welcomed splash of color to the wall, creating a more interesting and uplifting environment. She loves to travel and draws inspiration for her artwork from the beautiful, colorful places she has visited, as well as from the joy, love, and excitement she finds in everyday life.

Celeste was born and raised in the Buckeye state and currently lives and paints in Cincinnati, Ohio.


Meirav Levy Artist

May Levy was born in Houston, TX and moved to Israel when she was a child. Her career in the arts began after leaving the Israeli military at the age of twenty.

From 2006 to 2011 she traveled to twenty-five countries and captured the movements of the world. As a gifted Photo Documentarian, it is May’s distinct pleasure to share her travel and worldly experiences with others. During her travels May became a faithful visitor to New Orleans and officially moved there in 2015 to expand her creativity and vision. You can find her work displayed in galleries, collectors’ homes, restaurants, and other businesses in various cities around the US and Israel.

May has a wanderlust soul and currently works full time as a professional photographer, exhibiting her work at fine art shows around the country. In her spare time May can be found gliding across the globe, following light and timeless moments that capture her heart and unique eye.

“The most rewarding and inspiring part of being a photographer is the joy of touching people’s hearts, as it truly gives meaning to the human condition, existence, meaning and purpose.”